Munchy’s Crackers Sandwich Butter Cream (270g)


Munchy’s Crackers Butter Flavoured Cream Sandwich Biscuit

Why Munchy’s Crackers Sandwich?
-Best of Both Worlds!
Crackers filled with creamy butter spread and sugar toppings.
-Easy Packs
Packed individually, it is so convenient! Enjoy a pack wherever you are, whenever you want!

Shelf Life: 12 months
HALAL Certified
Number of sachet packs: 7 packs

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Moments with crackers have a special place in our lives, bringing us and our families warmly together every day during breakfast, tea or any time you need a munch. It’s perfect for everyday snacking and MUNCHY’S CRACKERS have made it easier than ever! They’re perfectly sized for a dip into a hot beverage and conveniently packaged for snacking wherever you are, whenever you want.

Now added with MUNCHY’S CRACKERS PLUS—a healthier, more nutritious, and crunchy-licious snack for you and your family! Packed with 10 nutrients, it is free of cholesterol and trans fat. Now you can enjoy snacking on our MUNCHY’S CRACKERS PLUS as a healthier lifestyle choice.