Drink Carriers for Delivery with Handle

Packaging features

  • Custom Portable coffee cup carrier or also know as Take away coffee paper cup holder, comes with a convenient carrying handle, customer can carry their drinks like a bag.
  • Holds 1 to 3 cups of hot or cold drinks at a time, this carrier can maximize your profits when each customer can easily take away up to 6 cups of drink with both hands.
  • Full colour printing, the ideal low-cost solution for branding.
  • Flexible Capacity, this economical feature accommodates cups of varying sizes ranging.
  • Folds together in a few seconds
  • Turns into a convenient 1 to 3-cup, as soon as it’s folded upward,
  • Able to fold flat for reuse and easy storage as well.


Product Features

STURDY CUP CARRIERS ARE MADE OF STURDY PAPER. Each cup carrier made of a strong and durable Kraft originated from the USA that can hold up to 8 lbs of weight without tearing or bursting, which approximates 1 Gallon of water.

YOUR DRINKS WON’T SPILL. Fold the cup carrier along its middle, as handles on each side joined together, two forces pinched upon the cups. With the help of gravity, your beverage would stay safely in the carriers.

MADE FOR MOST OF THE NEEDS. Suitable for 8-24 oz of take-to-go paper cups, plastic drink cups like the kind you get your coffee or soda at Cafés or fast-food restaurants.

SAVE TIME AND SPACE. Anyone can pack a cup of coffee or drink with this kraft cup carrier in seconds. These recyclable paper cup carriers are a true time and space-saver. You can stack these disposable cup carriers up and store them like regular paper supplies in Cafes or restaurants.

100% NATURAL RECYCLED KRAFT PAPER CERTIFIED BY FSC. It means that woods or papers in this product come from reclaimed material. What’s more, it can be recycled again after use includes the packaging. So, using these drink carriers for drink delivery or daily commute, you actually contribute to protecting the forests of our home planet.